[pmwiki-users] Sortable Tables - probably a small bug

Hans Bracker design at softflow.co.uk
Sat Nov 15 11:29:58 CST 2014

Hello Luigi,

Saturday, November 15, 2014, 4:57:19 PM, you wrote:

> Miracle! ;-)
> For the first time in my life I seemed to have done one thing right.
> Thanks to Farvardin who left an useful comment on the Talk page, it
> seems the solution is just a simple copy/paste of a few lines of code.

> Now that I got it properly running, I wanted to do something useful to
> all and upload the correct file.
> But I am not sure how to do, without spoiling something of the pmwiki.

You did the right thing.
But I fixed the recipe, so I took the liberty to remove your fixed version
from the Talk page, and the comments about how to fix it as well.

I  did  not  get  notice  about  the bug before, because I did not get
automatic  notification  for  changes on th e-Talk page. Fixed that as

Sorry about all this!

mailto:design at softflow.co.uk

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