[pmwiki-users] Is a pagelist fmt supposed to be overridable via request=1?

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Thu Nov 13 13:55:10 CST 2014

It just occurred to me that you can do the following without even using request=1 (I'm using the Request recipe here):

(:pagelist (:if request order:)order={$?order}(:ifend:) (:if request count:)count={$?count}(:ifend:) (:if request list:)list={$?list}(:ifend:) :)

If you need further restriction, the conditionals can be more specific.


On Nov 13, 2014, at 1:17 PM, Randy Brown <randy at brownragfilms.com> wrote:
> Maybe someday request=1 can be expanded for security to allow request="order,list,trail,PTV,if" or whatever specific parameters you want to be overridable via the URL. Or maybe someone will think of a better solution.
> Randy

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