[pmwiki-users] Installation problem with skittish skin

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sun Mar 23 14:21:50 CDT 2014

On 3/22/2014 4:00 PM, Wilco Troost wrote:
> Dear reader,
> I am a newbie mediawiki user and I like the Skittlish skin very much.
> So I tried to install this skin on my mediawiki webserver.
Are you using the right software? This version of Skittlish is designed 
for PmWiki not mediawiki.

> Could it be that the download and the instruction
> •             Add the following to your local configuration file: $Skin
> = 'skittlish';
> is not fitting to the newer versions of the mediawiki software?
Again, PmWiki requires a change to config.php -- if you're using 
MediaWiki you need to find a MediaWiki version of the Skittlish skin.

> If I examin my skins folder I find different folders holding different
> skin files (like the one I succesfully installed).
> For every skin there is a <skin>.php file in the skins folder.
> I couldn't find a skittlish.php file in the download.
This skin uses skin.php,  not skittlish.php

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