[pmwiki-users] Moving pmwiki to a new server

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Mar 18 15:50:48 CDT 2014

Brett Charbeneau writes:
>     I would like to move our present 2.1.27 installation to another server  
> and then upgrade to the latest version.
>     Is there a trick to this?

Yes. Before upgrading, please read the entire page here:

You may also want to read the Release notes since your previous working  

but the most critical changes are outlined in Upgrades.

>     I've copied (via rsync) the pmwiki/ folder to the new server and wiki  
> pages are being correctly served, but we are missing some content so  
> something has obviously gone wrong.

PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 introduce some "features" or changes, or bugs that are  
backwords-incompatible so we had to continuously update PmWiki 2.2.X to make  
it work with both earlier and current PHP versions.

If you are missing sections of some pages, or see blank pages, it is  
probably a problem with htmlspecialchars() or iconv() which was fixed a  
while ago.

If your skin is not displaying correctly, see if you have defined some  
variables in config.php pointing to the old server URLs. The variables  
$ScriptUrl, $FarmPubDirUrl or $PubDirUrl. Other reason for the skin not  
displaying properly may be directory permissions on the server: both the  
server process and the PHP interpreter need read access to the files in the  
pmwiki/pub directory tree.

Otherwise, describe precisely what problems you see and what we can do to  
reproduce/experience them.


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