[pmwiki-users] Multi language issue

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Tue Jun 24 09:12:37 CDT 2014

Site: http://orientalcarpetstudio.com.jovinus-meta.net/  (lang links D E)

require_once("$FarmD/cookbook/langviews.php");  /*  ?setlang=xy */
$PgLang    = ucfirst($Lang);

XLPage("$Lang",'PmWiki'.$PgLang.'.XLPage'); /* dyn: for all lang */
echo  ("$Lang / $PgLang".'PmWiki'.$PgLang.'.XLPage');

The german translation works as expected:
Now I added a englisch Page, because the index-var is not nesessaryly english

It's very strange: when "english" (as seen in echo)
translation of $[vars] show the german result, seems that  
PmWikiDe/XLPage is used.
without PmWikiDe/XLPage (when i rename the page) the result are as expected.

May I'm doing someting wrong.
Any hint will be appreciated.

kind regards
Patrick Ogay

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