[pmwiki-users] Importing data (sqlite cookbook)

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Jun 19 08:55:43 CDT 2014

ABClf writes:
> I'm testing sqlite cookook on localhost.
> Let's say I want to import data in the sqlite db.
> Let's say I would like a direct import in the database using some sqlite tool  
> and a basic csv file for data.
> What are the mandatory fields ? 
> What value is /pages : page_id/ expecting ?

This is an incrementing number, different for every page added, the system  
should assign one automatically.

> What about the targets ? 

These are link targets, look into the content of any file in your wiki.d  
directory, the same fields in that file are fields in the database.

> Is there a way to ask pmwiki to do some work, cleaning and fixing the lacking  
> fields after the basic import has been done (for the csum, bytes, targets,  
> etc.) ?

See/test/adapt the code in this page:


See also the changes I made today into the Cookbook:SQLite page concerning  
the drawbacks when using this recipe.


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