[pmwiki-users] crossbrowser issue Win8.1

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Mon Jun 16 11:58:57 CDT 2014


Today I made a test of a pmwiki under Win 8.1.

The problem seems to be, when I click the MSIE icon on the startpage  
the rendering is not correct, in my case the right site was cut.

Then I called MSIE via keyboard on the "desktop".
Explorer displayed as usually in older windows. But it wasn't possible  
to login to my pmwiki anymore.
There was no error message, but the MSIE tab was blocked.
I repeated the test with severeral pmwiki of mine, it wasn't possible  
to login anymore.

Are there known issues under Win 8.1 and MSIE 11 to login pmwiki?

kind regards
Patrick Ogay

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