[pmwiki-users] Fast cache and sqlite recipes

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Sun Jun 1 05:57:56 CDT 2014

Hello !

For my information, does anyone know how Fastcache recipe would work
together with Sqlite recipe ?
Using Fastcache, an html non dynamic page is created using the native
pmwiki page (no php process and no pagelist processing : the cached page is
made of the pagelist result, thus should be faster to load and require low
cpu usage), and saved in pub/htmlcache :

SDV( $FastCacheDir, "$FarmD/pub/htmlcache" );

(from the fastcache notice :

default "$FarmD/pub/htmlcache"
IMPORTANT The absolute path of the directory in which the cached files are
written. This should be empty of all but the cached files, as its contents
will be erased when the cache is invalidated! In other words, don't use
your $WikiDir or $WorkDir. If the directory doesn't exists, PmWiki will
create it for you when it's first accessed.)

Sqlite is an alternative storage recipe for the pages in wiki.d and
wikilib.d :

$WikiDir = new PageStoreSQLite($WorkDir.'/pmwiki.sqlite.db', 1);
$WikiLibDirs = array(
  new PageStore('wiki.d/{$FullName}'),
  new PageStore('$FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}')

What I am interested to be informed of is : 1) will fastcache still work
with sqlite ? (If so, I guess the cached html pages be still saved in
pub/htmlcache) ; 2) so, is there any (easy) way to save (and to be able to
use) them in the sqlite file ?

Thank you,


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