[pmwiki-users] Audio5 (and Video5)

marc-alexis morelle marc.alexis.m at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 09:02:38 CDT 2014


I had posted that subject on Audio5-Talk, but maybe it was not the right 
way ?

In a way to throw out Flash players for audio and video, and for mobile 
compliance, I want to use html5 tags.
I have a problem with Audio5, when linking audio files from other 
folders or other websites. $AudioUrl does not solve all cases. If the 
cookbook works like an "Attach :", it should plays an audio file from 
anywhere if we write the relative or absolute url, or from the current 
group or current page. For example, I have mp3 from other websites I 
would like to play in a page, and, *in the same page*, mp3 from other 
groups. I tried per-group customisation config.php, and per-page 
config.php. It seems to work. But, I also have a page that use the 
"include" pmwiki directive... and the audio link that is in the included 
page is broken. I think the pb will be the same with Video5.

Thanks if you can help me. And thanks Tom, for thoses two receipes.

marc, from Adiu.

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