[pmwiki-users] Notify Uploads?

Criss Ittermann crisses at kinhost.org
Thu Jul 3 14:39:23 CDT 2014


Poked around on PmWiki.org and the Notify Posts page & upload recipes, and I don't see any way to 1) have an upload log (and track IP/user who uploads a file) i.e. add entries to Recent Changes for each uploaded file and 2) enable notification emails for uploads to pages or the site as a whole

Also, I don't see a way to approve uploads.

The point is to consider that perhaps someone uploads a PDF, image, document or script that they shouldn't -- or needs to be vetted before it's displayed.  So they need to be approved.  Upload -> emails admin -> if naughty can check a log to see who uploaded it (or info can be sent to admin in email).  

Anyone know whether any similar features are already available somehow?


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