[pmwiki-users] conditional markup "empty variables" or length=0

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Mon Jan 27 04:40:24 CST 2014

Good morning!

I tried to avoid a problematic link in a pagelist template via:

==>|| (:if2  equal "{*$Trail}) "  "  

(whole pagelisttemplate at bottom of post)

The results are the same:

the variable seems to be as expected (right on the line with next and Prev).
I tried several ways to compare, until now something seems to be not correct.

Can anybody help me to correct the condition above?

thanks in advance
Patrick Ogay

Template in Site/LocalTemplates

(:if equal {*$FullName} {=$FullName}:)
||table border=0 align=left width=500
||     || (:if2  equal "{*$Trail}) "  "  

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