[pmwiki-users] regex in (:if how to use correctly

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Thu Jan 23 13:45:42 CST 2014

Good evening

I like to only include some pages in a pagelist, I have seen the  
possiblity of regexp as
(:if match -Talk$:)  [PmWiki/ConditionalMarkup-Talk]

I'm not very familar with regexp and (:if constructions
I made one test with (:if match [0-9]* :-) in the hope to selekt  
everything which beginns with numeric, but it seems to be uncorrect...

Actually I like to select
=>00001mmmm   (5 Numbers Product-Nr and n letters for variations/tests)

may be there is also a place on pmwiki with some examples, which I  
didn't find until now.

Patrick Ogay

Petko: concerning Linebreaks in pagelists.
I tried your suggestions , don't know yet where is the problem.
but => I found a workarround for my pagebreaks make a own wrap with div float.

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