[pmwiki-users] Mini - pagelist with mini: on Category/myCat Page - unwanted linebreak

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Thu Jan 23 02:31:15 CST 2014

thanks a lot Petko

yes, I use (:description  ..  :) to pass the parameters for gallery  
pagelist as in the example on pmwiki site.
It might be "cleaner" to use a different page variable, but worked out  
of the box from example.

> PmWiki treats a picture at the beginning of a line as something that  
> needs to be wrapped in <div> tags. I think if you precede the markup  
> with [==] it will not be wrapped (untested):
> (:template each:)
> [==] {=$Description}

the construction with [==] prevents from <div> wrapping.
but now  <br />
=><br /> <a class='wikilink'  

it testet also with
[==] {=$Description} \
and (:nolinebreaks:)

Patrick Ogay

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