[pmwiki-users] galleria problem

Peter Gragert p.k.h.gragert at misc.utwente.nl
Wed Jan 22 10:39:38 CST 2014

Lately I got the 'strange' message that a galleria diashow sometimes worked
with the IE and sometimes not.

Same PC but using e.g. firefox, no problem .


Thinking: how is that possible???? There was only one idea: the underwater
used software made the problem.


INDEED, change from to the newest to download version from galleria and
doing all  'directly', thus not in PmWiki, 

It was now as was expected! Working in Windows 8 with latest IE.


Trying to use the galleria.php of PmWiki with the latest galleria software
seemed easy just replace the filenames
of  the galleria, because they include version numbers, failed! ;-(.

Peter was just a bit not clever enough to understand the pmwiki-way and
jquery to activate the galleria.


Means that I need some help to upgrade the addon  for us all! 


Maybe making the 'advanced' possibilities available in the addon too??!!


Helper, old author, please contact me




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