[pmwiki-users] Mini - pagelist with mini: on Category/myCat Page - unwanted linebreak

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Wed Jan 22 08:45:08 CST 2014

At the moment I have

Files with
(:description [[{$FullName}|mini:Carpet/1.jpg"{$Title}"]]:)

pagelist in Category/GroupHeader
(:pagelist name=-Gallery,-Action link=Category.{$Name} wrap=inline <-  
didnt change something|  fmt=#galleryPicOnlyMini:)

!!Gallerie-Darstellungen /pog
(:if false:)
(:template first:)
(:template each:)
(:template last:)
>> <<

=> http://orientalcarpetstudio.com.jovinus-meta.net/Category/Gross

the generation is:
<div><a class='wikilink'  
href='http://orientalcarpetstudio.com.jovinus-meta.net/Carpet/10001?Trail=Category.Gross'><img class="mini" src="/pm/orientalcarp/uploads/Carpet/th00---1.jpg.jpg" title="10001" alt="10001" border="0" /></a>  
for each picture, which creates a break:

when I use
[[{$FullName}|mini:Carpet/1.jpg"{$Title}"]] \

I would have no linebreak, but "{=$Description} \ " doesn't prevent linebreak

How can I prevent the line-break?
Actually I don't know where div is generated at all, and how to modify.

Patrick Ogay

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