[pmwiki-users] inconsistent pagelist wrap behavior

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Fri Jan 17 11:01:12 CST 2014

I'm using nested Category.Name syntax on a business directory, per the directions in PmWiki's Category documentation.



Outputs nested categories.

(:if false:)
(:template defaults wrap=none:)
*[[{=$FullName}|{=$Titlespaced}]] (:pagelist link={=$FullName} fmt=#count group=Members:)(:pagelist link={=$FullName} fmt=#category list=normal order=title group=Category:)

First, the wrap=inline wasn't working for nested ULs, eventually I figured out how to get the ULs I wanted.  It's possible the documentation is wrong for wrap=inline.

Then I wanted to show a count of members for each category -- so I added in the count pagelist.  But sometimes the count stays on the correct line, sometimes it wraps down to the next line.  It's not one particular UL level with the problem -- it can have children or not -- so I don't understand what's happening.  In the HTML it's sometimes closing the parent UL -- sometimes it's staying in the LI like it's supposed to.  I tried wrap=none on the count, it puts them in a <p> tag, which also puts them on the next line (but under the current LI level at least).

Any ideas?  I'm on the latest stable PmWiki.


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