[pmwiki-users] Category nesting question

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Jan 17 04:07:40 CST 2014

Chris Lott writes:
> I am creating a cookbook. Let's say I have two recipes:
> Omelette
> Deviled Eggs
> Each of these belong to a general category ([[!Breakfast]] and
> [[!Appetizers]] respectively).
> What I want to add is have [[!Eggs]] as a nested category so,
> ultimately, the users can look at Eggs in Breakfasts or Eggs in
> Appetizers (and, ideally, all Eggs recipes). How do I go about setting
> this up?

To have these recipes appear in the Eggs category, place [[!Eggs]] in each  
one. A page can have more than one category, for example [[!Breakfast]] and  

To have the Eggs category appear in the two other categories, edit the  
Category.Eggs page and place in it the links [[!Breakfast]] and


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