[pmwiki-users] Problems with markup substr and conditional markup name with php 5.5

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Jan 11 10:47:29 CST 2014

Benjamin Grassineau writes:
> Few times ago, my hosting have been upgraded to php 5.5. So I have upgraded  
> PmWiki to the last version, and now I have two problems :
> 1.
> When I use {(substr)} markup in a wiki page with the page variable {*$Name},  
> it doesn't work. I have this substitute :
> lambda_19

Does it work with a plain text string instead of a {*variable}?

If yes, is this the core variable {*$Name} or a custom variable? What is  
the definition of the custom variable?

If not, you either have not updated all files in the pmwiki/scripts  
directory, or you use the recipe MarkupExprPlus which replaces the core  
Markup Expression handling with its own slightly modified functions which  
are yet to be updated to work with recent PmWiki versions and PHP 5.5.

> 2. I have problem with conditional makup (:if name :).
> For example, suppose the pagename is TEST :
> (:if1 name T*:) # all the page wich begins by T
> Great
>  (:if2 name TE*:) # only the page wich begins by TE.
> Really great !
>  (:if2:)
> (:if1:)
> Only the text Great can be viewed. The second condition is false. However,  
> formally, it's true !

I can confirm this bug, and I'll review it ASAP.


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