[pmwiki-users] valign='top' and HTML5 conformance

Paul Wiegmans p.wiegmans at inter.nl.net
Fri Feb 28 04:24:13 CST 2014

Dear Patrick and others,

First of all, thank you for making PmWiki. I enjoy using PmWiki for a 
couple of years now for both personal and professional use. Now I have a 
question .

Is it possible that tables omit the "valign" attribute created with 
table directives?  I would like to make my PmWiki skin valid HTML5 as 
much as possible and to pass the W3C Unicorn validator:
However every table cell has an attribute "valign='top'" like so:

<td width='50%' valign='top'>

How can I apply this through CSS  classes ? Is there a way to do this 
like with $TableCellAlignFmt ?

with regards
Paul Wiegmans

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