[pmwiki-users] How to fix broken RSS feed and AllRecentChanges?

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Tue Feb 18 12:40:41 CST 2014

I can't comment specifically about what has gone wrong with your site without knowing lots of details, including what you mean by "stopped working", but I notice you are using an old version of PmWiki.

You might try installing a new pmwiki website with the latest version of pmwiki, copy the contents of the your production wiki's wiki.d directory, and also any local configuration files, into your new wiki, and then see if RSS and AllRecentChanges "work" again (whatever that means). Of course, before using that website for production, test thoroughly. PmWiki is very good about upward compatibility, but changes are still changes…


> We've got a PmWiki running with internal company information.  It's done us fine for many years.  And the people who set it up have now left. :-(  I'm a newbie to the working of the wiki, though I know well how to create content.
> Alas the RSS all-changes feed stopped working a couple of years back, and the AllRecentChanges page has just stopped working.
> What could be causing this, and how to I go about diagnosing it and fixing it?
> The wiki installation is running version pmwiki-2.2.0-beta54, version number 2001954.

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