[pmwiki-users] Author name on RecentChanges pages

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Feb 16 01:02:20 CST 2014

Crisses writes:
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> New stupid question:
> Before calling UpdatePage, I've tried setting (global) $Author,  
> $_POST['author'] and $page['author'] to the author's name, none of which have  
> caused the Recent Changes to note the author's name...the page history seems  
> to be correct.

What appears on RecentChanges, a question mark?

You need to set $_POST['author'] before including scripts/author.php (it  
normally is set before the progam starts...).

Otherwise, set the global $AuthorLink variable to "[[~$Author]]" before  
calling PostRecentChanges().

You can read author.php to see how it's processed.


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