[pmwiki-users] New Cookbook category for recipes that don't require server access

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Sat Feb 15 08:24:07 CST 2014

It's not a bad idee to mark reciepes which don't need any server sided  
I like MarkupOnly, PmwikiUsage, CoreFeatures

But some more complex markups may be dependend on extended markups,  
which must be installed.
And there might be some pmwiki features which first have to be  
activated in (farm)config.php.

Patrick Ogay

Zitat von Brian Tibbels <brian.tibbels at clickmarlow.co.uk>:

> I like MarkupOnly as it is succinct. DoneByMarkup should be DoneWithMarkup
> to be grammatically correct but the word "done" on its own sounds a bit
> vulgar.
> MarkupOnly would be my choice.
> Best wishes
> Brian

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