[pmwiki-users] XMLRPC Testers Please

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Fri Feb 14 18:04:04 CST 2014

Hi, all,

Still working on XMLRPC, but I have a test installation up and people are welcome to poke at it with software that supports MetaWebLog API.  I started a chart on the page with notes on each software I've tried & my current progress in the plug-in.


What does it do?  It allows you to remote-administer one or more pmwiki installations through 3rd party software i.e. blog posting software such as MarsEdit, Ecto, Blogsy, or maybe browser extension software.  I've had some mixed results with different packages, and I'm going to run through them and re-test them again and update the -Talk page.  I'm only testing on iOS and Mac, it would be great to have someone test some packages on Android, Windows, Linux, etc.  Packages are often listed as blogging software.  See the -Talk page above for more info and current progress.


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