[pmwiki-users] Proposed change to pmwiki.php: Markup_e

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Feb 13 14:23:57 CST 2014

michael paulukonis writes:
> Two potential issues with moving to github:
> 1) the standard is to put issues onto github; this would mean there is both  
> github issues and PITS issues.

I've said this before, I do like PITS, this is the WikiWay, it is easy to  
demonstrate a problem, to link to the documentation etc.

I have a client who migrated from Google Code to a slightly customized  
version of PITS, right after I revamped the interface in 2009. They are  
still using it daily.

OTOH there may be good reasons to move to a different issue tracker.

One great thing in pmwiki.org/PITS is that everything, the wiki, the  
documentation, the cookbook and PITS are on the same wiki, and there are a  
few people monitoring AllRecentChanges and, more often than I expect, help  
me with the mainainance and reply to questions - for which I'm really  
grateful. If we move to a different issue tracker, I'm afraid we'll have to  
put more efforts in another website to monitor.


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