[pmwiki-users] PmForm and uninvited links

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Wed Feb 12 22:26:14 CST 2014

PmForm seems to be creating a link to my profile page, uninvited. I see this when I search for link=Profiles.MyProfile, even though I'm not aware of having created such a link.

I have several pages interacting:

1. MyData: contains a pmform directive that uses MyTemplate (which is in LocalTemplates). "Save" updates the page text variables on this (MyData) page. 

2. MyTemplate: (:include:)s other pages, which in turn may include still other pages. Note that the includes can be recursive, and can involve including an anchored section on the current page. Still, my understanding is that links are only indexed if the markup is literally on the page itself. 

Here are some things I've tried, each time re-saving the MyData page to refresh the link index:

1. I replace the pmform directive on MyData with a directive to simply (:include:) MyTemplate. Good result: the uninvited link disappears. 

2. I return pmform to MyData, but now omit from MyTemplate the include of the other page. Good result: the uninvited link does NOT reappear.

3. I make MyData page contain only one line: (:pmform…:). Bad result: the uninvited link re-appears.

4. If I delete MyData (in case there was some kind of corruption) and try again, I get the same results.

What could cause this?

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