[pmwiki-users] another Markup_e question

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Feb 10 17:48:35 CST 2014

John Rankin writes:
> I have a couple of /e Markup calls which have replacements of the form
>     "functionName(\$pagename,\$x,'$1')"
> In MarkupToHTML, $x = array_shift($lines);
> Markup_e makes $pagename available to replacement functions. Is there a
> way to access $x or do I have to re-read the page source and reconstruct
> it?

I'll add it for the next version, $x will be made available the same way as  
$pagename, with the line extract($GLOBALS["MarkupToHTML"]); automatically  
included with all calls to Markup_e().

Should we include other local variables from MarkupToHTML()? (Like $p, $r?)


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