[pmwiki-users] Page text variables and PmForm

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Sat Feb 8 13:22:18 CST 2014

> That's why  we should probably modify pmform.php to also update the last one?

Thanks for the explanation, and for the suggested setting for $PmFormPostPatterns. I see other issues if I use that pattern. So I agree it's better for PmWiki and PmForm to be consistent with each other in how they parse PTVs.

Based on the way you say it currently works, I could also avoid the mismatched PTV parsing (at least in my main case) by using PTV directives instead of visible PTVs, since directives can't be entered via PmForm.

The problem with that is that when there is a link such as (:Var: [[Page]] :), then pagelist's "link=" won't find the page. Thus, when I want the page to be found as a back link, I'm forced to use a visible PTV. 

BTW, I haven't noticed documentation of this behavior. Is pagelist's "link=" supposed to not see PTV directives, or am I relying on a bug to hide links thinking that it's a feature?


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