[pmwiki-users] updating pmwiki

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sun Feb 2 05:09:15 CST 2014

Le 02/02/2014 10:29, tamouse pontiki a écrit :
> On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 3:24 AM, jdd <jdd at dodin.org> wrote:
>> Le 02/02/2014 10:22, tamouse pontiki a écrit :
>>> Are you talking about a single  pmwiki installation, multiple non-farm
>>> installations, or a farm installation?
>> I have both. On some server a single install, on other farm
> I listed three possibilities, but you made it clear which you have.

if I had only, I don't see why I would have to duplicate it, but I have sevrel 
in several computers

> In both of those cases, I use a rather simple symlink method that
> symlinks pmwiki-latest to the untarred pmwiki-latest.tgz folder. So
> all I do is pull over the latest version with curl or wget, untar it,
> and recreate the symlink. In the wiki directories exists an index.php
> file that includes the path to pmwiki-latest/pmwiki.php and away we
> go.
so, If I understand, you have an empty wiki folder with the latest version and 
update there, making it the farm source. But what about the cookbooks? farm 
wide ones have to be in the farm source, as well as the farm wide config file?

I will think about this

I guess there is no secure way to share a single farm source with several 
computers spread on the net?

I always try to script my work as much as possible, because it's pretty easy 
to mistype a tar option. of course I always begin with a backup, but as you 
may know these things are often made on a hurry..



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