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Velosteph velosteph at ferrosteph.net
Sun Feb 2 03:12:11 CST 2014

My 2 cents :)
I have also the problem...
Pmwiki requirements to run is really minimal : only php and disk space
No need for SQL, easy backup and transfer to another server, you can start
with minimal knowledge and progress to a very high level of customization,
easy upgrade path ....

A vélo vous y seriez déjà
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PmWiki can do everything I want today.. and everything I need tomorrow.

Wordpress can't do either.

On 02/01/2014 06:47 AM, Peter Bowers wrote:
> I am teaching a high school class in computers and our most recent project
> creating a site in WordPress and in PMWiki.  At the end my students were
> overly enamored with the setup and configuration of pmwiki and wanted to
> why they would ever use that over WordPress.
> I gave several thoughts but then I promised to write to the list to get
> input.
> If you were "selling" pmwiki to a group of high school students with
> technical experience but good potential, what would you say are its top
> advantages as compared with WP?
> -Peter

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