[pmwiki-users] selling pmwiki to high school students

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Feb 1 13:04:35 CST 2014

Le 01/02/2014 18:12, Crisses a écrit :

> A few recipes on top of PmWiki make it MUCH more user friendly, like drag &
> drop attachments, NewPageBoxPlus, etc.

as maintenance,

* pmwiki do not allow direct online update (my most wanted feature... but not 
in the PM philosophy, I guess :-), when wordpress do this on a snap,

* but moving pmwiki from a place to a other is extremely easy, as simple as 
taring (archiving) the hole site, when moving Wordpress is extremely 
difficult, and backig up needs to backup both database and folder.

* an other drawback of pmwiki regarding updates is the plugin (cookbooks) 
update. I manage several pmwikis, on different servers, and I have problems 
remembering what is installed where

* good point (extremely good) for pmwiki is the ability of having farms, that 
is several wiki instances managed with the same source, with this I could open 
omwikis for friends in a matter of minutes and don't worry for updates there - 
the longer is to set the virtual server in apache :-)



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