[pmwiki-users] How do I create a new page from form data?

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Sat Feb 1 03:20:28 CST 2014

Paul Bloch wrote:


>* How do I create a page named using these data?

I used in [[#newuserpost]]:

|(:template defaults saveto={$$xgroup}.{$$xname} :)
|(:template defaults successpage="{$$saveto}" :)
|(:template defaults savevars=...:)
|(:template require if="!exists {$$xgroup}.{$$xname}" errmsg="Page [[{$$xname}]] exists, use other name":)

where xname is an input field for the page name. No "saveto" in

As far as I remember, the documentation was not clear about the
$$-variable handling. At least, I didn't understand it, my solution
resulted a bit from guessing.

I hope this helps as a starting point.

Oliver Betz, Munich http://oliverbetz.de/

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