[pmwiki-users] Intro and question where is the ICal Export Script?

erik burggraaf burggraaferik at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 21:06:19 CST 2014

Hello Friends,

My name is Erik.  I'm setting up my first pm wiki site.  I've come a very long way on my own.  PM wiki is installed, and so is authuser.  I'm working on a calendar now and I got wikilog set up with the help of John Rankin.  Now I want to set up the ICal Export script listed here.

My question is, Where is the script file?  Most of the scripts I've looked at have a section with links to the required files marked by a heading.  I don't see it on the page for that script and I wonder if I might be missing something.

I am totally blind and so if this page is unique in the way it shows the links to the script files, I may have missed something.  Otherwise it looks like the script is missing.

Thanks for any help,

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