[pmwiki-users] photo galleries examples

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Fri Dec 19 11:59:35 CST 2014

>> I also suggest you try and adopt Petko's Mini: easy and more flexible
>> than it might seem :-)
>> Coupled with MiniEdit and a few other scripts, it might easily suit
>> most needs.

> and this one works :-)

You are not tied to the square format, you can arrange the ratio in
order to fit your specific needs[1].
The only issue I recently found (it was not so in the past) is in
MiniEdit: if I arrange the pictures and save more than once, I get
"PmWiki can't process your request - MiniEdit couldn't find the Mini
But still you can handle the thing by re-arranging pictures by hand on the page.


[1] Try this page http://millenuvole.org/s4u also by resizing it.

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