[pmwiki-users] php5.5-ing my sites

Daniel dkml at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 13 15:07:02 CST 2014

Hello, with this message I'd like to thank everyone who helped me with
the preg_replace problem on my site.

Two weeks ago I got a mail from Google-analytics alert that that visits
on my sites had dropped to almost 0%. When I quickly surfed to my sites
I saw the screen filled with error meassages, and first I thought they
were hacked. But everything else functioned normally, so I began
searching, and found the previous preg_replace discussion (...that I
ignored those days, because I thought this would never happen to me... 8-/ )
I had to switch *everything* off, and by all it took me about two weeks
before I got updated versions  of all my recipes. All the authors that I
wrote were very helpful to quickly update their scripts. I will not
mention names because I am afraid I might forget one.

Now my sites are up again, I wrote my provider he should warn be before
the next upgrade. I also lost many of my vistors, but hope the stats
will recover soon.

Thank you again,
(PS: I have 6 instances of pmwiki running, 2 public ones are mentioned
Daniël Kropveld

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