[pmwiki-users] image links

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Dec 13 12:12:58 CST 2014


on a pmwiki page, I need a semi-static image gallery. I mùean that These 
images wont change often, I can manage changing links by han when 
necessary (no need for a gallery). I'm the only one with edit 
permissions here.

U need to have all the images with the same height, by row of three.

The best way I have found that far is some lines like this:

|| %height=100 %Attach:Main/gazelles-0004.jpg || 
Attach:Main/gazelles-0032.jpg || Attach:Main/gazelles-0033.jpg ||

that works. But the image is small and displaying the full image (by 
right clic of the browser) quits the page. I would like to have it open 
as an other page.

I tried many variants, but can't find a syntax that allow linking the 
images and the %newwin% directive inside the table, still preserving the 
image height.

any clue?


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