[pmwiki-users] pmwiki on raspberry PI (performance optimizing...)

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Mon Dec 8 05:39:41 CST 2014


I installed apache 2 and the newest pmwiki release on my Raspberry PI,  
as I have to replace my old Lenny-VServer installation.
Although I don't expect miracles I was a disappointed, that the  
rendering took about 3 seconds (locally).
ps tells that apache needs very much CPU.
(If I remember correctly, I tested php based web tools on Colinux on a  
450Mhz P3-Box years ago, and the performance was "o.k.").

If anybody has tried to run pmwiki on a Raspberry PI I would be glad  
to know about performance and performance optimization.
I'm also looking for tools to analize the processes more accuratly.

Any hint is appreciated

kind regards
Patrick Ogay

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