[pmwiki-users] Mini with Galleria

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Dec 3 15:15:09 CST 2014

Something like this could work:

(:pagelist name=YourGroup.* fmt=#mini:)

(:if false:)
!! {=$Title}

The pagelist feature allows you to display many different pieces of data 
about each gallery page, for example the page title, the last 
modification date, a description or summary, all written in the 
individual pages and extracted and displayed in one page.


On 03.12.2014 19:57, Monte Padget wrote:
> I have a site with images in different pages, with individual upload
> directories. Is there a way to modify the all option to include all
> sub pages?
> Given:
> Mini:a*.jpg
> Mini:OtherPage/*.jpg
> Something like:
> Mini:*/*
> Or similar?
> Thank you,
> --Monte
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