[pmwiki-users] Logo not appearing properly

R. D. Jones ardije at ymail.com
Thu Apr 24 06:24:18 CDT 2014


I use a similar skin by DaveG.  I don't use the $PageLogoURL or $PageLogoUrlWidth variables.  $PageLogoURL is set in my config; PLUwidth is not.  It looks to me like you're trying to set up your Site.Header page.  I use a table in my site header to space out and arrange my items:

(:table width=100%:)
(:cell width=10%:)
%width=200px%[[Main.HomePage  | Attach:PageLogo.jpg]]%%
(:cell width=2%:)
(:cell width=88%:)

%font-size=200pct%[[Main.HomePage|{$WikiTitle}]]%% \\

The 2% cell is just a spacer; you could probably accomplish the same layout using styling.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.


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