[pmwiki-users] Removing some unnecessary links

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Apr 21 11:59:15 CDT 2014

Arslan Munir writes:
> I have just started using pmwiki. I want to get rid of some unnecessary links  
> that are appearing on my webpage. Here is my web link:
> <URL:http://www.ece.rice.edu/~am68/>http://www.ece.rice.edu/~am68/
> 1. On the main page, there are links
> main
> Home Page
> I haven't put these and I am not sure how to get rid of these.

They are part of the skin template. You are using the Skittlish skin, and  
the template is the file pmwiki/pub/skins/skittlish/skin.tmpl. You can edit  
it to remove the links around the group name and the page title.

> 2. On the side bar, when I click on any link (e.g., Research Overview), it  
> shows
> ResearchOverview
> Research Overview
> I would like to get rid of ResearchOverview on the top

Same case, this is the group name and the page name, see the skin.tmpl file.

> When I created this link, I used
> [[Research Overview/Research Overview]]
> I also tried only with [[Research Overview]] to see if I can get rid of  
> unnecessary link but then it put a ? mark at the end and didn't let me edit  
> the page asking for a password and not accepting any:
> Site
> Research Overview
> password

This is normal, the SideBar is a page in the Site group, and links in the  
SideBar like  [[Research Overview]] would lead to the page  [[Site/Research  
Overview]]. (And the Site group is edit-protected.)

So inside the SideBar you need to use links in the format  
[[GroupName/PageName]], eg. [[Main/Research Overview]] for a page  
ResearchOverview in the Main/ group.

You can browse/search the documentation for Links, WikiGroups and Skins, and  
if something in the documentation is not clear enough, tell us.


See the page on Skins:

You may also find useful a short tutorial on HTML: look at your favorite  
search engine.

And to be able to edit pages in the Site group:

Good luck,

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