[pmwiki-users] Triad Skin - whole page refresh each time a link in left column is clicked

michael paulukonis xraysmalevich at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 12:00:48 CDT 2013

By default, neither PmWiki nor the Triad Skin serve page components by
AJAX, so the entire page is (dynamically built and) loaded when you
navigate to another page, or change page-actions (since these are submitted
via URL parameters, not AJAX).

While you could wire it up to server portions via AJAX, since any given
page can suppress the left-column, and the left-column could have markup to
behave differently on different pages, serving main-content via AJAX would
be quite different from normal behavior.

Are you seeing a slow flicker on a page-load?

Or is all of this talking about something unrelated to what you're
If this was unrelated, can you give more details on what sort of links you
are linking on, and what behavior you expect?

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On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 12:12 PM, Mikelis, James
<James.Mikelis at staples.com>wrote:

>  I just realized that each time a menu item in the left column of the
> Triad skin is clicked, the whole page refreshes rather than just the main
> body. ****
> It is very annoying. is this the way the skin should work? Other than
> that, I like this skin a lot.****
> ** **
> James****
> ** **
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