[pmwiki-users] thumblist versus pagelists

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Wed Oct 16 10:20:00 CDT 2013

I implemented a page-list as described in pmwiki "easy gallery".
Today I saw the thumblist recipe and I'm wondering who I can merge the  
features of a pagelist with the better display of thumblist.

At the moment in every relevat file I have a header like
(:description  %thumb%[[{$FullName}|Attach:Carpet./x.jpg"{$Title}"]]%%:)

which I display from my template:
(:if false:)
(:template first:)
(:template each:)
(:div class="gallery" style="float: left; margin-top:50px;  
margin-left: 20px; width: 170px; height:170px; text-align: center; ":)
(:template last:)
>> <<

which is called in PageHeader of Category
(:pagelist name=-Gallery,-Action link=Category.{$Name} fmt=#galleryPicOnly:)

I'm just wondering, wether it is possible to use pagelist template as  
above to pass the parameters to (:thumbgallery:) or generate a list of  
It also might be possible to use an (:tumblist..) in  
category.Groupdheader somehow.

Actually I like to generate a picture list for some categories.

Patrick Ogay

at the moment the list looks as this:

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