[pmwiki-users] Conditional If statement being displayed on web page?

Matt Clinton mclinton at 65bit.com
Tue Oct 8 04:16:05 CDT 2013

Hi Petko,

Thanks, I am definitely going to give this a go. The AllGroupHeader did not do what I wanted it to do as it was giving me Site and then All Group Header for every page instead of that pages group and title.


Matt Clinton
65bit Software Limited

On 7 Oct 2013, at 21:02, Petko Yotov <5ko at 5ko.fr> wrote:

> Here is a piece of code that I use for a similar need. In config.php:
> function GroupTitle($group, $slash=0){
>   global $AsSpacedFunction;
>   $title = PHSC(PageTextVar("$group.GroupConfig", 'GroupTitle'));
>   if (! $title>'') $title = $AsSpacedFunction($group);
>   return $slash ? "$title /" : $title;
> }
> $FmtPV['$GroupTitle'] = 'GroupTitle($group)';
> $FmtPV['$GroupTitleTMPL'] = 'GroupTitle($group, 1)';
> In a wiki page [[EasyCatalog.GroupConfig]] or [[OtherGroup.GroupConfig]] I have this code:
> GroupTitle:EasyCatalog (or any other group title I don't want "spaced")
> In the skin template, I use $GroupTitle or $GroupTitleTMPL where I want the group title displayed (and $Group where I link to the group unspaced) :
> <title>$WikiTitle | {$GroupTitle} / {$Title} $ActionTitle</title>
> <a href='{$ScriptUrl}/{$Group}'>{$GroupTitleTMPL}</a>
> In a [[SideBar]] or any other wiki page, I can use {*$GroupTitle}.
> This way, if there is a page EasyCatalog.GroupConfig with the page text variable GroupTitle, it will be used as a group title in the skin template. If there isn't such a page or such a variable, the skin will show the "group spaced" text as title.
> Petko
> P.S. $GroupTitleTMPL only has a slash appended - not sure why I needed that.
> Matt Clinton writes:
>> The problem lies not with the page title but with the Group name. I want to use $Groupspaced so that "ODBCDataProvider" is spaced out on this page: <URL:http://impressedpaving.co.uk/matt/index.php?n=ODBCDataProvider.ODBCDataProviderNotLoadingOnMacintosh>http://impressedpaving.co.uk/matt/index.php?n=ODBCDataProvider.ODBCDataProviderNotLoadingOnMacintosh
>> But if I was to do this, the group EasyCatalog then ends up as Easy Catalog.
>> Which is why I would love to be able to use an IF statement in my tmpl file.
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