[pmwiki-users] widi.d file = 0 byte

marc-alexis morelle marc.alexis.m at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 16:57:30 CST 2013

Le 17/11/2013 22:56, Patrick R. Michaud a écrit :
> I think that "illimite"  may be referring to the number of files
> allowed (unlimited).

No, Online says this config has no limit on disk space, and no limit on 
trafic !

> What does "don't work" mean in this case...  after removing the
> video files you tried updating a page and still ended up making
> a zero-length file?

Excuse me. Session do not work, so authentication ask every time 
passwords, and so captcha do not display on forms.

The zero-lenght file error, if it is caused by the same problem, appears 
sometimes, not everytime.


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