[pmwiki-users] galleria recipes crossbrowser issues (with minigalleria the same problem)

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Mon Nov 11 12:13:44 CST 2013


I'm still looking for a solution for my site to display a picture  
gallery (as galleria unsually does). May be there is also an other  
scriptthan galleria with a similar layout.

Unfortunatly the "galleria" recipe didn't work on my site with MSIE  
and I really spent a lot of time of research an tests with this issue  
and was very frustrated.
Later I found  "minigalleria", which *worked* for my installation (but  
only with pmwiki default skin).

seems to be o.k. works in MSIE 7 und ietester 8
derived from pmwiki skin

derived fro "simple" (with sidebar)
layout o.k., but no links for flashes and small pics. Some Times  
problems with loading pics.

I'm wondring, what the login difference 1] and 2] usually I need the  
same configs. For the demonstration I use a per page configs.

Target skin
doesn't seem to work in MSIE at all
this is derived from 2] but with outer-divition, but layout is nested anyway.

I really hope to find out, what is the major problem so I can fix the  
installation for MSIE.

Thank you for any hinds

Patrick Ogay

There are a lot of people who have problems with plugins and galleria  
(also in wordpress). And other browsers as MSIE always work perfectly.

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