[pmwiki-users] Chrome blocks my farm-served images - any workarounds?

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Thu Nov 7 00:22:32 CST 2013

Ever since I switched to serving some images (Callouts) from my farm, Chrome stopped showing those images unless the farm happens to be my local wiki as well. My suspicion is that Chrome sees that the URL for the callouts does not match the URL for the local wikis, and thinks that the images must be ads - and so blocks them. No other browsers block them, and even Chrome doesn't block them when I'm in my farm wiki.

I'd hate to go back to replicating those images in each local wiki. Does anyone know of a work-around? Or could I be missing some other possibility of what is going on?

The Callout recipe has:

  (substr(__FILE__, 0, strlen($FarmD)) == $FarmD) 
  ?  '$FarmPubDirUrl/callout' : '$PubDirUrl/callout');

##  Add in CSS styles.  
SDV($HTMLHeaderFmt['callout'], "
  <link rel='stylesheet' href='$CalloutUrl/callout.css' 
    type='text/css' />

The css file has:

.exampleCallout {
  padding-left: 80px;
  background: #ddffdd url(exampleCallout.png) no-repeat 20px;

My configuration file has:

$CalloutUrl = '$MyFarmScriptUrl/pub/callout'; # use the farm's callouts
$FarmD = "../myfarmdirectory"; 
$FarmPubDirUrl = "../myfarmdirectory/pub";


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