[pmwiki-users] Category listing with Summary in separate column?

Peter Payzant pce at accesswave.ca
Tue Nov 5 11:11:35 CST 2013


I'm using something like this in my Category.GroupFooter page:

(:table class="smaller":)
(:pagelist link=Category.{*$Name} fmt=#titlesummary list=normal 
order=group,title group=-Category,-PmWiki*,-Site* 

When I display a page such as "Category.xxx", I see the names of pages 
in category xxx, with their summaries immediately following on the same 
line, e.g.

PageName summarytext
VeryMuchLongerPageName summarytext

To make the page a little cleaner, I'd like to have the page names and 
corresponding summaries in separate cells in a table, so that the 
summaries all line up in one column. Something like this page 

Any suggestions?



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