[pmwiki-users] minimal text file to create pmwiki page

Mark Lee mark.lee.phd at gmail.com
Fri May 31 19:57:34 CDT 2013

I have a wiki from another system that I want to recreate in pmwiki. I have
the contents of the pages stored in a spreadsheet. I will be writing a
script to convert the text files into pmwiki pages. I found this:

Only two lines are necessary in a PmWiki page file:

version=pmwiki-2.1.0 urlencoded=1
text=Markup text

"version=" tells PmWiki that the values are urlencoded. The actual value
doesn't matter, as long as "urlencoded=1" appears somewhere in the line.

"text=" *needs* to have the markup text with newlines converted to "%0a"
and percent signs converted to "%25".
In addition, *PmWiki writes* pages with '<' encoded as "%3c" (to help with
security), but it doesn't require that <'s be encoded that way in order to
be able to read the page. More conversions are possible to be added in the

Is this all I need to add to the text files? I can't figure it out.

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