[pmwiki-users] Dissapering attachments

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Thu May 30 06:12:33 CDT 2013

On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 12:21 PM, Jan Martinsson <jan.martinsson at chalmers.se
> wrote:

> A few weeks ago  400-500 of the attachments in our wiki disappeared, a
> short investigation showed that some of the files seems to be deleted from
> the wiki (leaving the file in the upload folder but with additional file
> extension) while some were totally missing.

Can you give more details about what additional file extension was given?
Was there a pattern to which files were missing and which were left?  Were
all uploads changed/deleted or only some?

I had a similar situation several years ago and it turned out the server
had been hacked through someone else's site/account but security was not
set up appropriately and once they got access to the other guy's account
they were able to come in and mess with mine...  That's a total shot in the
dark without having more information, though...

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