[pmwiki-users] another utf 8 question

Maria McKinley mariak at mariakathryn.net
Thu May 30 01:34:48 CDT 2013

Hi there,

So, I have these strange characters on my website indicating that utf-8 is
not working properly. I was able to figure out that emacs was not saving
files as utf-8. Now if I create a new php file, it works fine. However, I
can't get rid of the weird characters on the PmWiki site. I have saved
config.php and a bunch of other files in utf-8 now, but nothing seems to
change it. They show up if I use the parchment skin (currently the skin we
are using) or if I switch it to the default pmwiki skin. Is it possible it
is something else? What other files would affect the whole site? If you
want to see it:


This page also use to show these symbols at the bottom:


but after I changed the encoding for that file, it displays fine.

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