[pmwiki-users] line break, page text variables et conditional markup

Benjamin Grassineau benjamingrassineau at gmail.com
Sun May 5 07:13:24 CDT 2013

Hello everybody

Suppose we have an hidden ptv

(:a: youpi:)

If we want to make a test about the value of this ptv (for example in
the group header), we can do this,

(:if equal "{$:a}" "youpi":)OK(:if:)

and, the text wich appears is:


Now, if we break a line in the ptv, for example

(:a: Youpi
 How are you ?:)

(:if equal "{$:a}" "Youpi":)OK(:if:)

We obtain

"(:if equal "Youpi How are you ?" "Youpi":)OK"

Wich is not exactly what we wish to obtain !!

I don't know how to solve this problem. I can't use a markup for
delete line-break, because, it won't work with line-break !

Someone have a solution, an idea ? Maybe a php function ? But i need
to use this function in wiki pages ?


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